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Your how-to guide to buying jerseys

Your how-to guide to buying jerseys

When shopping for your Winter wardrobe, make sure to include a few jerseys. They’re one of the most versatile and stylish pieces to add to your wardrobe. They can finish off your outfit and are the answer to those chilly winter mornings when layering is a must.

Having the option of adding or subtracting a garment from your look is known as layering so when you want to top-up on those chilly mornings, add a jersey and as the day warms, you have the option to get more comfortable by taking that layer off.

Jerseys are multi-functional in that they go exceptionally well with jeans, chinos, trousers, collar shirts, bomber jackets, dressing-up, dressing-down, whatever the occasion might be.

But before you rush off to stock up on jerseys, consider the following pointers:

Types of Jersey’s

V-neckline jerseys are more complimentary to those with a fuller face, as the “V” tends to elongate your neck. V-neck jerseys are the most popular jerseys when layering it with a collar shirt. It has a modern aesthetic and is impressive in the work environment when you wear a collared shirt and tie. It can also be worn over a casual tee, paired with jeans or chinos, and for those in-between season days, even a pair of shorts. Either way, it’ll have you looking cool and staying warm for any occasion.

Crew neckline (round) jerseys are more complimentary to those who have an oval shaped face. The crew-neck jersey is your classic tee replacement in Winter. When layering up, crew-neck jerseys provide depth and detail with the textures and patterns. Crew-neck jerseys can be paired with well fitted jeans (read our blog on how to pick the right cut jeans), boots and if you need more layers, you can add a bomber jacket, denim jacket or a sports blazer. If it is a more formal look you are after, add a collared shirt or even a tie and voila… you have one well-dressed gentleman.

If you are going for a turtleneck jersey, there is no need to wear a collared shirt as it won’t be seen and it will just create unnecessary curves around your neck. Turtleneck jerseys go well with blazers.

Half-zip is a relatively new style of jersey, this modern style has a high collar with a short zipper and also pairs great with collar shirts and a tie for more corporate look.

Cardigan (button or zip up) are also a great addition to your wardrobe, the open front shows off your tee or shirt giving a little more exposure to your full outfit. Try go for cardigans with buttons instead of zips.

The Fit

Make sure that your jersey is well fitted. The hem of the jersey should overlap your waist or fall just below. Your shirt should not show underneath the hem. The shoulder seam of the jersey should align directly with the end of your shoulder bone. The body should fit comfortable but with a little breathing room to allow for a shirt or vest underneath.

If you do wear a jersey with a suit, make sure it is not too thick or you don’t have too many layers, you don’t want to look like an Oros man.

Do Take Care

Make sure to look after your jerseys, neatly fold them instead of hanging. Minimize the amount of times you wash your jersey. Don’t pull on loose threads, it might unwind and cause a hole, rather try thread it through the inside.

Jerseys are a casual wardrobe staple for all elegant men and it helps transition between season. When worn properly, well looked after and pair with the right garments, jersey will make you look refined and confident. Keep in mind the contrast in colours, if your jersey has patterns go for a plainer trouser, same goes for bright colours. Plain jerseys can be worn with more fashionable pants and accessorized with a scarf.

Now you can rush off to your nearest John Craig store to purchase the jerseys that suite your style, work and social life best this winter. Stay warm and stay safe.