We did not expect Bethel to dress Bafana Mthembu like this… | Styled By Me – Ep 4

We did not expect Bethel to dress Bafana Mthembu like this… | Styled By Me – Ep 4

Styled By Me Competition – Episode 4

Bafana vs Bethel

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In the 4th episode of Styled By Me the 2 contestants that go head-to-head could not be more different. Bafana is a content creator and twitter legend, #Asgqoke and #eezynkabi stylist, who loves to take clothing with an old-skool perspective and make it new, fresh and appealing to the younger generation.

Bethel, a gym enthusiast, health fanatic and admired model has a clean straight-forward look with a more conservative approach.

See how they both step out of their comfort zone but take into consideration each others style preferences.

Bafana’s brief is ‘Old vs New’

Bethel’s brief is ‘International with a South African flair’

Watch how the contestants run around the John Craig store in the limited 15 minute time frame to try and put looks together. Luckily, each contestant is paired with a John Craig sales assistant, they know their way around the store and what is new and trending. At John Craig it is about the service and shopping experience and the sales assistants featured in the episode are always there to assist you next time you visit the store.


Jean-Claude (JC) Kabobole, our esteemed and hilarious judge supports the contestants through-out and is not shy to give his comments on the teams selections. The judge’s panel comprising of two staff members and our beloved host JC, critique the looks based on the following criteria:

  1. The overall look
  2. How close they came to meeting the brief
  3. How the ‘model’ feels in the outfit


Each competitor is given an opportunity to share their thoughts on the outfit they’ve been styled in. The contestants’ then comment on the styling selected and synergy to their personality and occasion.

After some deliberation, the judges then deliver their verdict and choose a winner.

The winner receives a R5000 John Craig shopping voucher.


Are you ready to watch: Episode 4: We did not expect Bethel to dress Bafana Mthembu like this…

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