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Wardrobe Must-Haves Double Mercerized Golfers

Wardrobe Must-Haves Double Mercerized Golfers

Wardrobe Must-Haves – Double Mercerized Golfers

Known for their ultra-smooth feel and premium quality, double mercerized golfers are essential for every man’s wardrobe. Mercerized cotton is a process that involves soaking cotton in an alkaline solution, which shrinks the fabric and changes the structure of cotton, making it stronger and easier to dye.

The process was invented by dye chemist and fabric printer John Mercer in the mid-19th Century. Towards the end of the century, the process was improved, when another fabric specialist named Horace A. Lowe discovered that holding the cotton under tension during the treatment reduced shrinking, resulting in a lustrous, slightly shiny, smooth, durable, and absorbent material. Double mercerized cotton refers to fabric that has undergone this process twice, which increases its softness and texture even further.

Thanks to their luxurious look and feel, along with their increased strength and absorption, double mercerized golfers offer a high-quality alternative to traditional cotton golfers. They ensure that you look good, without sacrificing comfort. Keep reading to get our picks on the best golfers made from this fabric.

Our Favourite Double Mercerized Golfers

From Polo to the Florsheim range exclusive to John Craig, you’ll find some of the world’s leading designers featuring mercerized golfers in their collections. Some of our favourites include the following golfers.


Make a statement in bold colours, with the Polo Tony Mercerized Relaxed Golfer in red. Add some stripes with the Polo Mercerized Relaxed Mens Golfer in navy or mustard, or the Polo Osaka Mercerized Relaxed Golfer in blue. Go for classic checks with the Polo Keanu Mercerized Relaxed Golfer in navy. Stay warm with a long-sleeved Polo Rudi Mercerized Relaxed Golfer in pumpkin.

Luciano Biaggi

Keep it simple in the versatile Luciano Biaggi Plain Mercerised With Tipping Golfer in mustard. This shirt has enough colour to make a statement, with no patterns or prints. Pair with chinos, shorts, jeans or tailored pants for a comfortable, low-key look.


Florsheim golfers are exclusive to John Craig. This collection includes classic neutrals, such as the Florsheim Plain Mercerised Golfer in stone. It also includes bolder plain colours, including teal, mustard and rusty. Add some colour blocking with the Florsheim Stripe Mercerised Golfer in navy and pink, for a subtle, stylish shirt.

You can shop our full range of golfers at your nearest John Craig store.

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