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Wardrobe Mastery Unleashed: 18 Pieces, Infinite Possibilities with John Craig

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Wardrobe Mastery Unleashed: 18 Pieces, Infinite Possibilities by John Craig

18 fashionable pieces. One uber-stylish store. Multiple ways you can be inspired by John Craig to look your gentlemanly best. What are you waiting for? Join us!


 Our wardrobe mastery concept is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with ever-changing trends. John Craig, a maestro of gentlemanly and timeless style, now unveils our 18 core pieces that effortlessly transcend the boundaries of fashion to create various outfits fit for a style king!

Join us as we explore how to transform 18 of our timelessly sophisticated pieces into various sophisticated looks.


Executive Elegant Monday

Kickstart your week with sophistication personified. Start your week looking sophisticatedly dapper in a full suit. Transition your look by changing the colour of your shirt, shoes and belt, keeping in mind that your belt and shoes are your statement pieces and should always match for a well-put-together look.


Executive Elegant Monday IG V



Classic Professional Tuesdays

The power of simplicity takes centre stage on this Classic Professional Tuesday and calls for the shedding of your blazer and redefining professionalism with a fresh colour palette for your shirt to change up your fit.


CLASSIC Proffesional IG V

European Chic Wednesday

A whole sartorial adventure awaits on European Chic Wednesday with fashionable cargo pants, a well-fitted shirt, a tailored blazer, a sleek black tie, and a matching black belt, making quite the fashion statement while transcending the border of midweek professionalism and weekend fun!


European Chich IG V


Sporty Professional Thursday

Sporty Professional Thursday calls for a style evolution as you ditch the blazer and tie and opt for a more sporty feel with a golf shirt paired with your chino pants. This look perfectly balances professionalism and comfort.


Sporty Proffesional IG V

Laid-Back Friday

Usher in the weekend with our Laid-Back Friday vibe. Add a pair of casual sneakers and a tee to your well-fitted cargo. This look does everything but compromise on style and transitions effortlessly from office meetings to weekend adventures.


Casual Friday With A Twist IG V

Our wardrobe mastery is more than a collection; it’s a guide to mastering the art of versatile style while embracing simplicity. It allows you to experiment with various style combinations, giving you infinite style possibilities that keep you sophisticatedly fit throughout the week!