Unveiling the Future: Male Fashion Trends for 2024

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Unveiling the Future: Male Fashion Trends for 2024


Welcome to your fashion trend predictions for 2024. Join John Craig as we look at the trends influencing the 2024 fashion arena & look your gentlemanly best!


 Unveiling the Future: Male Fashion Trends for 2024


 Welcome to your futuristic fashion predictions for 2024! Because we understand that fashion is not just about clothes but more about making a statement, expressing yourself and celebrating your individuality, we’ve compiled a list of eleven fashion predictions for men in 2024.


Join John Craig as we stay ahead of the fashion curve with our guide on what hot and happening male fashion trends will take the globe by storm!


Thigh High Fits:

  • 2024 is all about embracing the bold and unconventional, with thigh-high fits making a statement and redefining traditional silhouettes and fashion norms. These shorts create an edgy and stylish look and can be paired with anything from a casual tee to a swanky golfer.



  • You can expect to see a resurgence of knitwear in 2024 as the trend takes centre stage with form and functionality. From classic sweaters to contemporary cardigans, these sleek knitting patterns and unique textures will do more than just keep you warm in the new year.


Melton Jackets:

  • The Melton jacket, with its timeless appeal, will be making a comeback in 2024. This classic piece gets a modern twist in 2024 with sleek cuts and unusual fabric choices, effortlessly elevating your look by combining trendiness and sophistication.


Cargo Shorts:

  • The Cargo short is no longer confined to casual settings. It will take over the fashion scene a bit more in 2024 by offering a refined and polished yet relaxed look. These shorts will be seen in various settings, from casual to semi-formal, bringing a fresh and trendy perspective to your closet.


Bold Colors:


Statement Pieces:

  • Dare to stand out in 2024 with statement pieces that command attention. From unique fabrics and prints to eye-catching accessories, 2024 is the year to make a statement like only a sophisticated gentleman can.


Colour Blocking:

  • 2024 calls for a fashion experimentation of colour-blocking proportions with contrasting hues and striking combinations. Create visually stunning outfits in the new year while staying consistent with what’s trending!


Oversized Tailoring:

  • 2024 redefines traditional tailoring as comfort meets style with oversized blazers, shirts and trousers, setting the fashion stage for the new year. This laid-back, relaxed aesthetic gives your look a fashion-forward appeal without compromising sophistication.


Denim on Denim:

  • Denim on denim makes a solid comeback in 2024, making a remarkable fashion statement that exudes modern sophistication.


Streetwear Meets Sportswear:

  • The stylish combination of streetwear and sportswear continues to dominate the fashion landscape in 2024 with a blend of urban aesthetics and athletic influences that create a modern yet casual edge to your look.


Sustainable Fashion:

  • Last but most certainly not least, sustainable fashion consciously takes the lead in 2024 with eco-friendly fabrics and ethical production of timeless pieces that do not harm the environment while standing the test of time.


And that, gentleman, is what you can expect on the fashion front for 2024. While these predicted trends are not set in stone, it is good to be prepared for a fashionable new year ahead!


Embrace these trends, express your unique style, and let your wardrobe tell the story of the modern, fashion-forward gentleman that you are.


From all of us at John Craig, here’s to a year of bold choices and unforgettable fashion moments!