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Styled By Me – Shades of Red and Hues of Blue!

Styled By Me – Shades of Red and Hues of Blue!

Styled by Me – Shades of Red and Hues of Blue!


John Craig’s ‘Styled by Me’ is back, and man, oh man, is it something to write home about. In this new episode of a new season, we’ll give our two contestants – Carl Richards Sambo and Benathi Makiyela, the opportunity to ‘out style’ each other using apparel, footwear and accessories straight from our store floor. The theme for our new episode is “50 Shades of Red” and “Out of the Blue.”


And on that note, allow us to introduce you to our two gentlemanly contestants.


Contestant No 1 – Carl Richards Sambo

Carl Richards Sambo is a fashion and lifestyle creator/model and a Civil Engineering Graduate from the University of Pretoria. This multi-talented gentleman is also a freelance model with a height of 1.83m and a sense of fashion. As a digital content creator, Carl focuses mainly on fashion content, including fitness, grooming, health and lifestyle content. His many online followers refer to him as “The plug” because of the value he brings to his honest reviews of products, places, and things!


Contestant No 2 – Benathi Makiyela

Meet Benathi Makiyela, a 26-year-old Agricultural Economist, gentleman, and a young entrepreneur. Benathi runs his own business, Makiyela Recycling and dreams of one day appearing on a fashion billboard to show off his sense of iconic style!


And that, gentleman, are our two Styled by Me contestants – who will come out on top? Will it be Carl, the original cool kid from the block and Fresh Prince of Joburg, or Benathi, the agricultural economist with a flair for fashion and a sense of iconic style?


Be sure to catch the first episode of John Craig’s ‘Styled by Me’ series because we’ve added a twist. There is a new mystery hat – watch to find out what it is!


Watch Episode 1:


Want to be Our Next Contestant?

If you’re inspired and want to enter the next Styled by Me competition episode, post a video introducing yourself on social media and tag @JohnCraigSA using the hashtag #StyledByMe and you, too, could be the next ‘Styled by Me’ winner!


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