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Styled By Me – Modern Minimalism vs Texture Play

Styled By Me - Modern Minimalism vs Texture Play

Styled By Me – Modern Minimalism vs Texture Play

Welcome back to episode 4 of our ‘Styled By Me’ series. The latest episode is titled ‘Modern Minimalism vs Texture Play.’ Join us for the latest showdown!

Welcome back to another exciting instalment of John Craig’s ‘Styled By Me’ series. This edition delves into the captivating world of fashion, where two very different styles are set to clash, and only one is crowned the style king. We’re talking Modern Minimalism versus Texture Play, of course

Join us as we introduce this week’s judge and contestants.

Judge: Carl Richards Sambo

Carl is a fashion lover and digital content creator renowned for his impeccable sense of style. He focuses mainly on fashion, fitness, grooming, and health and lifestyle content. His many online followers refer to him as “The plug” because of the value he brings to his honest reviews of products, places, and things.

Contestant #1: Samuel Besong

Meet Samuel Besong, a student at Wits. This dynamic young man balances his academics with his thriving career as a model and content creator. With nearly three years of industry experience, Samuel has a plethora of creativity and self-expression and believes in continuous self-improvement. His style reflects his ethos, blending sophistication with athletic flair.

Contestant #2: Chrispin Kamb

Meet Chrispin Kamb. Hailing from Johannesburg East, he is a Business Development Manager with a penchant for simplicity in fashion. He is inspired by footballers such as Jules Kounde and Hector Bellerin. His style exudes effortless elegance, and he believes in the power of minimalism, opting for clean lines and understated sophistication in his wardrobe choices.

As our contestants prepare to battle it out, our judge is poised to offer some expert insight. Will Samuel’s fusion of creative athleticism steal the spotlight, or will Chrispin’s understated elegance steal the show?

Who will reign supreme in this edition of Styled By Me? Stay tuned for the ultimate showdown, where fashion meets innovation and style knows no bounds!

Watch the episode here: