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Styled By Me Ep4 – All Seasons in One Day

Styled By Me Ep4 – All Seasons in One Day

Styled By Me Episode 4 – All Seasons in One Day

Welcome back to John Craig’s fourth instalment of our hugely popular ‘Styled By Me’ series. This week’s episode is titled, ‘All Seasons In One Day’, and we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a positively stylish experience. So, hold onto your lapels and prepare to meet our two sophisticatedly modern and fashionable gentlemen who will go head to head in a battle of stylish wills to be crowned this week’s winner.

“Good manners and a great dress sense is what turns a man into a gentleman.” – John Craig.

Contestant #1 – Serge Ngoyi Tshienda

Serge is a 27-year-old Johannesburg-based creative consultant and men’s lifestyle content creator. As a creative consultant, he assists businesses and individuals to enhance their online presence. His unique style combines 90s nostalgia and vintage to create a timeless look. Serge enjoys exploring the city and discovering gems of places. Through his captivating digital content, he also enjoys inspiring his audience with food, fashion, culture, and art.

Contestant #2 – Jessy Wangela

Jessy is a 27-year-old, Johannesburg-based accountant and business consultant. Jessy explains that his fashion inspiration is unique. And, because of his Congolese roots, he believes he is naturally fashionable, having drawn inspiration from those he grew up around or saw on TV. Jessy describes himself as highly competitive and versatile in his fashion sense, making him the perfect ‘Styled By Me’ competitor.

What more can we say to that other than camera, lights, and action! Tune in to find out which of our contestants gets the random accessory joker card and who chooses a random item blindly. This is one episode you do not want to miss.

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