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Styled By Me Ep 7 – Crowning The Style King

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Styled By Me Ep 7 – Crowning The Style King


You voted, and we listened. Join us as we welcome back two previous contestants from John Craig’s Styled By Me series. These two gents had their say on why they think they need to be brought back, and, well, here they are in all their stylish glory.

The two lucky contestants who returned to John Craig’s Styled By Me season finale are, Drum roll, please…


Contestant 1: Serge Ngoyi Tshienda

Serge makes a comeback and tells us he is here to win! Previously appearing in episode 4 of Styled By Me, we’re excited to see how his style has grown and what new style antics he’s got up his stylish sleeve.



Contestant 2: Joel Kabalu

Joel appeared in episode 5 of John Craig’s Styled By Me series and tells us he is privileged to return for a shot at being crowned the “Style King.” We cannot wait to see Joel’s fashion spin on this episode as he contends for the ultimate Style King title.



Catch the season finale on our YouTube channel as these two sophisticated gentlemen go head to head in a battle of stylish wills to be crowned the ultimate John Craig Styled By Me Style King!


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