Styled By Me Ep 2: Swag vs Suave – Best Friends Edition Where Friends Become Foes

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Styled By Me Ep 2: Swag vs Suave – Best Friends Edition Where Friends Become Foes


John Craig’s ‘Styled By Me’ episode 2 is ready to hit the airwaves, and we’re inviting you to witness how friends become foes in this best friends edition!


Welcome back to an electrifying second episode of ‘Styled By Me’ season 3! In this episode, fashion takes centre stage while friendships are tested. Aptly titled “Swag vs Suave”, this edition brings a whole new level of sartorial drama as our latest contestants battle it out to redefine the fashion boundaries of semi-formal elegance and casual hipster!


Join us as our two contestants face off in a style showdown that would cause even the most sophisticated fashionista to raise an eyebrow in style wonder.


But First, meet our latest ‘Styled By Me’ judge—Joel Kabalu!


‘Styled By Me’ Judge (and Jury)

Enter the charismatically stylish 29-year-old Joel Kabalu. He brings his unique flair to the ‘Styled By Me’ judging panel. This content creator hails from Fairlands, Johannesburg. His experience in the fashion industry includes stints with brands like Cotton-On, Mr Price, and Markhams, making him the perfect style judge for this episode. Joel’s mantra, “simplicity is the key to catching anyone’s attention,” sets the tone for the fierce competition.


Contestant #1 -Jediael Kabeya

Meet our first contestant, Jediael Kabeya, a Pretoria model, entrepreneur, and content creator. Jediael brings a fresh perspective to the theme with his journey in the fashion industry since 2020, marked by a passion for a sophisticated style that exudes confidence. You can follow his style adventures on all social media platforms @je.ongod!


Contestant #2 -Lehlohonolo Kwape

Our second contestant, Lehlohonolo Kwape, is an influencer, model, and entrepreneur based in Pretoria. Lehlohonolo has a whopping eight years in the industry with brands like Rich Minisi, David Tlale, Mercedes Benz, and Dstv, speaking volumes of his professional prowess. His passion lies in the creative sector, creating brand-oriented content that resonates with his followers.


Don’t miss out on episode 2 of this season’s ‘Styled By Me’, where friends become foes with contrasting styles as each contestant battles it out to arrive at the end of the episode nothing short of victorious. Are you ready to see who’s style reigns supreme in ‘Styled By Me’ Best Friends Edition.


Stay tuned as we unveil the twists, turns, and jaw-dropping fashion moments in “Styled By Me” Ep 2 – Swag vs Suave!