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 Styled By Me Ep 1 – Monochromatic Magic Vs Inspired by the Elements

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 Styled By Me Ep 1 – Monochromatic Magic Vs Inspired by the Elements


Welcome back to a brand new season of John Craig’s ‘Styled By Me’. Join us as we get to know the latest contestants vying to be crowned the ultimate style king!


Welcome back, sophisticated gentleman, to an all-new season and a brand new episode of John Craig’s ‘Styled By Me’, couples edition! We’re excited to introduce our latest host and contestants, but first, here’s a recap of the previous season.


Styled By Me Season 2 — A Fashionable Recap

The previous season of John Craig’s popular ‘Styled By Me’ saw our contestants go head to head in a battle of fashionable will. From boujee restaurant vs campfire date night to sophisticated gentleman vs layers of winter and everything in between, we arrived at the end of season two to crown the ultimate style king. Now, we’re back on the hunt for a fashionable monarch to rule the land of John Craig fashion.

On that note, here is our latest Styled By Me host and contestants.


Introducing Your Style Maven: Unveiling the Charismatic Host of Styled By Me 2024!

Drum roll, please! Meet Serge, a 28-year-old content creator, creative consultant, and menswear stylist based in Johannesburg. His sense of fashion is heavily influenced by vintage and nostalgic aesthetics, including the vibrant and diverse influences of the city of Johannesburg. He loves blending classic elements with a modern twist. He draws inspiration from the creative genius of Rhuigi Villaseñor and the timeless elegance of Ralph Lauren, cultivating a dynamic blend of vintage flair and classic sophistication that shapes his unique sense of style that is reflected in his work and everyday life.

Style By Me Bio IG V

Style By Me Bio IG V

Whether curating content or crafting impeccable menswear looks, his creativity knows no bounds, and he is always on the lookout for timeless fashion!


Contestant #1 – Kudakwashe Mazhetese

Our first contestant is commonly known as Kuda and is easily found on social media as MrAfricanTourism. He describes himself as a not-so-popular multi-hyphenate entrepreneur whose work is pioneering innovation in the tourism sector and leading educational events (TEDx Talks). Kuda turns 29 this year and owns a startup called Bantu Stall, a Marketplace API for Tour hosts, curators, service providers, and vendors. His hope is to shift tourism trends in the near future from a tick-box exercise to a more authentic, engaging experience where people connect. Kuda describes his style as comfortable, respectful and presentable, and he usually goes for gold tees, designer Kimonos and short-sleeved shirts.

Style By Me Bio IG V

Style By Me Bio IG V

Significant Other – Loyiso Tlhabologang

He is joined by his significant other, Loyiso Tlhabologang. She is a young, self-taught professional in the hospitality service industry branching out into Tourism and Travel arrangements. Loyiso maintains that service is at the heart of what she does, and she enjoys it as much as she enjoys connecting to nature and her roots. Having worked in the restaurant sector and events management and coordination, she previously worked as an accountant in training and gathered expertise and experience that enabled her to draft estimates and quotations, as well as customer care and professional service. Loyiso is currently employed under Bantu Stall, a tourism marketplace startup under the leadership of Kudakwashe Mazhetese; her hopes are to learn and expose herself to new places and cultures to expand her horizons and adopt new skills.


Contestant #2 – Nathan Ntumba

Meet Nathan Ntumba, a South African-born Congolese brother hailing from the vibrant streets of Johannesburg South. By profession, he is a software developer and the co-owner of Southside Authentic Streetwear. His love for streetwear runs deep—it’s not just about clothing; it’s a statement, a culture. He finds inspiration in the dynamic fusion of street fashion and authenticity. From the heart of Johannesburg, his streetwear brand thrives, reflecting the rich tapestry of our diverse backgrounds and the stories we want to tell through fashion.

Style By Me Bio IG V

Style By Me Bio IG V

Significant Other – Dita Musungaie

Enter Dita Musungaie—financial analyst, branding enthusiast, YouTuber, significant other to Nathan, and an all-around creative spirit. She was born and raised in South Africa and finds joy in curating her style. Comfort is her top priority, and while streetwear has been a long-time favourite, she is currently embracing the transition into a more classy chic aesthetic. Her fashion mantra leans towards form-fitting elegance, saying goodbye to the oversized trend that used to dominate her wardrobe.


Tune into ‘Styled By Me’ season 3 on YouTube to find out which couple was victorious in the first episode of our brand new season.

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And remember, style is an exception, so be exceptional!