Styled By Me Competition

Styled By Me Competition

Introducing ‘Styled By Me’ By John Craig


Are you an up-and-coming fashion influencer with an eye for detail and an inspired sense of style? Then keep reading as we introduce the Styled by Me amateur stylist competition with John Craig. Winners earn the bragging rights and more when putting their skills to the test.


How Does It Work?

 Each episode features two contestants going head-to-head to style each other based on a brief provided by the judge on the day at the store. The brief is based on a specific “life” event that each contestant needs to dress their opponent for. The look needs to be appropriate for both the occasion and the body type.

In the first episode, the contestants were given the task to dress;

  1.  “Meet the parents” and
  2.  “Job interview”.

Every episode will bring with it new and exciting dress challenges.


The John Craig Shopping Experience

 John Craig is not just about the product we have on offer, it’s about the shopping experience. So, it makes sense to team each competitor with a sales assistant. They know their way around the store and what is new and trending. The aspiring stylists with their assistant, proceed to select the outfit that will dress their opponent based on the brief, by selecting from the seasonal John Craig collection of brands available at the store.

Each contestant with their friendly, helpful John Craig sales assistant has 15 minutes to complete the brief. Shoppers will get to know the caliber of service they can come to expect from the John Craig team. The contestants must ensure that they create not only an amazing outfit but one that is suitable to the occasion they have been assigned. The contestants are counted down from the 15-minute selection period by the judge and host Jean-Claude Kaboble, the timeframe being more than enough with the excellent assistance of the sales staff team member.


Meet The Host and Judges Panel

 The host of the show is Jean-Claude Kabobole, his initials being “JC” make for a perfect match “John Craig” brand name. Supportive to the contestants and energetic in his comments, Jean-Claude just loves the thrill of the game and the energy the team contestants put into their selections. Once the outfits are selected, the contestants dress and reveal their looks to the judges.

Each competitor is given an opportunity to share their thoughts on the outfit they’ve been styled in. The contestants’ then comment on the styling selected and synergy to their personality and occasion.

The judge’s panel comprising of two staff members and our beloved host JC. The judges critique the looks based on the following criteria:

  1. The overall look
  2. How close they came to meeting the brief
  3. How the ‘model’ feels in the outfit

After some deliberation, the judges then deliver their verdict, paddles in hand (thumbs up or DooDoo), and choose a winner.

The winner receives a R5000 John Craig shopping voucher.


View episode 1 here: Team Archie or Team Lucky?


Think You’ve Got What It Takes?

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You, too, could be the next Styled By Me winner!