GH Bass Suede Weejun Palm Spring Lincoln Mens Shoe Tan


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Available in size 6-10


GH Bass Weejun Palm Spring Lincoln Suede Loafers in Brown Leather, Slip on penny loafer style shoe with brown suede uppers and classic hand stitched seams in light brown waxed thread. Metal detailing across the tongue. A suede rand with light brown welt stitching. A brown leather sole and a tan embossed branding on the undersole. A notch is located on the inner side of the heel and is known as a Gentleman’s Corner or Gentleman’s Notch, and is simply to prevent your heel from catching or snagging the cuff of your trousers. A small but important detail.

Bass Suede Weejun Palm Spring Lincoln Mens Shoe Tan

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A hard-won reputation for quality, comfort and durability is exactly what has kept bass in business for almost a century and a half. Personifying the American spirit, bass shoes have been worn for generations, shaping them into an iconic symbol of discovery, perseverance and self-expression. Our customers are born from the backbone of American history.  They represented our nation. They explored territories unknown. They defined pop culture.  They saw the world from a new perspective.  And bass was with them every step of the way, making it the choice for adventurers and American heroes
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