Pringle Stripe Knitwear Mens Navy


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Available in size medium to two extra large


The Pringle Stripe knitwear Jersey is perfect for the colder months & the season ahead. Spruce up your casual look with the Pringle Knitwear,  wear it on your next social event and grab eyeballs in an easy and effective manner!

Pringle Stripe Knitwear Mens Navy

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Pringle of Scotland is known as the iconic birthplace of the British knitwear industry. Founded in 1815 by Robert Pringle, the company began as a manufacturer of hosiery and underwear and has been knitting cashmere since the 1870’s and was one of the first brands to introduce knitwear as outerwear in the early 1900’s. Since then it has become a lifestyle brand synonymous with class, sophistication and a strong heritage.
Pringle Brand Logo V2


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