Polo Mens Plain V-Neck SS Tee Yellow


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Polo V-Neck T-Shirt is an iconic modern tee and every man should wear it with confidence. The t-shirt has a minimalistic design that can be worn on any occasion. It’s made of soft, breathable cotton that feels great against the skin. This is one of those wardrobe staples you can wear all year round. Shop this Polo t-shirt in yellow today!


Polo Mens Plain V-Neck SS Tee Yellow

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Polo was founded in 1976 by Gordon Joffe along with two former Monatic executives, Ronnie Lange and Freddie Barnet, and Stuart Shub from Rex Trueform. Gordon Joffe had previously headed the shirt division at Monatic, and then became the driving force behind the Polo brand. Gordon was passionate about mens’ shirts and sought to be ‘the country’s quality lounge shirt producer’.

Polo Logo


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