Strachan and Myburgh Mens Beanie Multicolour


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The Scottish trademark knit, identified by its distinct double chevron, single chevron and zig zag patterns, is made from 100% wool that makes it super soft and cozy to wear. It was designed to protect fishermen of the North Sea and climbers of the highland moors from the winter cold and sports a characterful tennis ball-sized pom-pom for good cheer.

Strachan and Myburgh Mens Beanie Multicolour

Product Code: STR1

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Strachan and Myburgh

The Scottish beanie that became a beloved South African classic. Strachan and Myburgh is a brand with that very rare thing: cultural significance sixty years on. Timelessness in fashion refers to pieces that are not defined by time, season or trend; pieces that are iconic in the sense that they can be worn on an everyday basis by everyday people transcending environment and era.

Strachan Logo Black


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