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Shop Like A Gentleman With These Black Friday In-Store Safety Shopping Tips

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 Shop Like A Gentleman With These Black Friday In-Store Safety Shopping Tips!


 Shop like a gentleman this Black Friday with these eight in-store safety shopping tips. Make the most of your day with our Black Friday discounts & safety tips! 


Black Friday is the day shopaholics dream of and eagerly prepare for, as it’s that one time of the year when stores offer incredible deals and discounts on products such as apparel, footwear, and accessories, and John Craig is no exception to this exciting shopping weekend. And while bargain hunting on Black Friday is the name of the game, so is safety!


In this blog, John Craig gives you eight tips on how to shop like a gentleman while making the most of your Black Friday shopping weekend.


Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

Before diving head first into the Black Friday shopping frenzy, gents, plan your shopping trip. Outline the products you want, their price, and the stores that stock them. Planning ahead allows you to navigate your shopping day smartly and effectively.


Dress Smart

The Black Friday shopping weekend is notorious for crowding of stores and malls. Dressing for comfort and practicality is essential when out shopping over the Black Friday weekend. Choose smartly layered clothing to accommodate temperature fluctuations, and use a sling bag worn across your body to keep your belongings safe.

Although restrictions have eased considerably, respecting other people’s personal space and keeping a safe distance while shopping for bargains is important. You are, after all, a gentleman!


Use Cashless Payment Methods

With so many people out and about on Black Friday, it is essential to minimise contact with surfaces. Maintain your personal hygiene and go cashless. Cashless payment methods reduce the risk of coming into contact with germs on surfaces and make transactions faster and more efficient.


Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Becoming distracted in a crowded store is easy and makes your belongings more susceptible to theft. Keep a watchful eye on smartphones, wallets, and shopping bags. Consider using a crossbody bag to keep worn across your body and closely monitor your valuables.


Be Polite and Patient

Black Friday shopping can be stressful and chaotic. However, that’s no excuse for being rude or impolite. Always treat store staff and fellow shoppers with the respect of a true gentleman.


Have an Exit Strategy

Plan your exit strategy to avoid getting stuck in overcrowded, congested stores with long queues. Navigating through huge crowds can be stressful and unnerving. An exit strategy helps you avoid this Black Friday shopping stress.


Stay Informed About Returns and Refunds

Familiarise yourself with the store’s return and refund policy. Check for exclusions, which is especially important for Black Friday deals as some products may be non-refundable or subject to different return policies. Keep all your receipts for hassle-free returns.



Make your Black Friday shopping experience as safe as it is exciting with these eight shopping tips, proudly brought to you by John Craig – The gentleman’s go-to destination for sophisticated fashion and unrivalled style!