Lay-bye and Benefit!

Lay-bye and Benefit!

As of 20 February 2021, you might have noticed some really cool changes – more especially, that of our prices.

Well, the big reason is that John Craig has changed its method of transacting from accounts to cash or lay-bye. This change has huge benefits to you. Essentially, you are no longer financing the credit required to offer accounts to customers. Your fashion is now costing you an average of 30% less – what a WIN! Follow us on social media for more exciting news about top leisure brands you’ll be able to shop at our stores; Brentwood, Sebago, Caterpillar, Superga, Levi’s to namedrop a few! Don’t stress if you don’t have cash. You can lay-bye! When you lay-bye, you get 3 months to pay – interest free and should you need to cancel your lay-bye, we won’t charge any penalty fee’s for cancellation either. It’s quick and simple, all you need is your ID, Cell number and 10% deposit.

So why the big changes you might ask?

Well, essentially, the Studio 88 Group of Companies bought 79 John Craig stores from Pepkor, you can read more about it here on LinkedIn.

Should you still have an account with Pepkor and would like to enquire about it, please contact [email protected] or call Tel.: 0860 000 303 (SA), or visit your nearest Ackermans branch.

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