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John Craig Welcomes Italian & French Fashion Apparel Brands

John Craig Welcomes Italian & French Fashion Apparel Brands

John Craig Welcomes Italian & French Fashion Apparel Brands


John Craig is known for their range of sophisticated semi-formal fashion apparel for men. Now, you can find these top brands from all over the globe at John Craig. It’s easy to see why we remain the popular choice for semi-formal fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories. Our wide range of brands and variety of clothing, footwear and accessories caters to the individual with taste. He is fashion savvy, a smooth gentlemen that knows the value of dressing the part.


John Craig welcomes three new brands to our already classy fashion range. So, hold onto your hats, gentlemen, there’s a new fashion wind blowing, and with it comes trailblazing Italian and French apparel and footwear brands. Drum roll, please…


Le Coq Sportif

The Le Coq Sportif brand was developed by sports enthusiast Emile Camuset in 1882. He decided to design jersey shirts for his cycling, football, and rugby friends, unintentionally laying the foundation of a brand that would become world-renowned. Now, 140 years later, Le Coq Sportif is recognised for its proficiency in sportswear, footwear, and accessories. Le Coq Sportif products are much like the brand – simple, timeless, and indicative of heritage. Le Coq Sportif gives brand lovers what they need and nothing more! View the Le Coq Sportif Sneaker range online and visit a John Craig store near you to shop yours today!



Rossimoda is a renowned Italian lifestyle brand. Since its inception in 1977, the Rossimoda brand has dedicated itself to providing cultured brand lovers with classy and sophisticated fashion pieces. These personify the main characteristics of the distinguished Italian culture, always showing their flair – being quiet is not an option! The Rossimoda brand intention is to inspire people to look forward to a better tomorrow and to create their own legacy! Start by viewing our range of Rossimoda footwear online, find a John Craig store near you, and leave a legacy of timeless fashion.


Roberto Vino

Now available at John Craig – Roberto Vino, often referred to as the Italian brand, that conquered the world! One of the younger Italian brands, founded in 1991, the Roberto Vino brand is one of the leading international fashion companies, offering a versatile range of menswear. The brand leans toward the city life and street fashion. Worn by men who refuse to compromise on quality, and emphasises a high level of carefully selected fabrics, emphasising details and precise measurements, giving each garment a tailored and fitted feel! View the Roberto Vino apparel and footwear range online, get to a John Craig store near you and conquer the world in style!


At John Craig, you can create your outfit by brand, colour or texture. Sometimes it’s by event – dressing for sophisticated style and classic fashion. Our range of assorted branded apparel, footwear, and accessories will have you dressed and ready to go, no matter the occasion.

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