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John Craig & Hi-Tec Ulas Great Exploits

John Craig & Hi-Tec Ulas Great Exploits

John Craig & Hi-Tec Ula’s Great Exploits!


Come one, come all and join us on a John Craig & Hi-Tec Ula great exploit of note! The John Craig and Hi-Tec Ula promotion will gift you a FREE adventure hat when you purchase any Hi-Tec Ula original sandals! Now, you can go on adventures in comfort and style with the Ula sandal and matching FREE GIFT!


“Every great exploit starts with a little courage and a lot of style!” – John Craig.


Doing everyday errands or going on an impromptu adventure calls for shoes that are not only comfortable but functional. The Hi-Tec Ula sandal embodies both and can be worn to the local grocery store or on your next light hiking trip. Here are a few places you can wear your Hi-Tec Ula sandal!


Wear it, Live it, Love It!

Well, if it isn’t the John Craig & Hi-Tec Ula lovers deciding to grace us with their adventurous spirits! Welcome, and join us as we explore three places where you can rock your Hi-Tec Ula sandal.


To The Grocery Store

Nowadays, a grocery store run is no longer just a grocery store run, especially this time of the year. With so many stores running specials on everything from canned food to oil, a quick grocery run can turn into an episode of survivor real quick as you hunt down special after special. Thankfully, your feet won’t hate you for it, as the Hi-Tec Ula sandal is made for walking!


Light Hiking Trip

Don’t get caught murmuring and complaining because of sore feet on your next light hiking trip. The Hi-Tec Ula sandal is made for comfort and durability, with adjustable Velcro straps, compression moulded EVA midsole, removable straps, rubber outsoles, and a synthetic upper and soft lining.


Everyday Errands

While everyday errands sound easy enough, getting them done can start to feel like a great exploit with the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. Thankfully, the comfortable and functional Hi-Tec Ula sandals have your back and your feet!


Visit a John Craig Store near you, purchase your Hi-Tec Ula Sandals and receive your FREE adventure hat.


The promotion starts on October 10th, 2022 and runs while stocks last. Ts & Cs apply!