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How To Wear Boots This Coming Season

How To Wear Boots This Coming Season

How To Wear Boots This Coming Season

Boots have been a classic item of clothing for centuries and continue to be so to this day. Just as sneakers have a role to play, so do boots when it comes to semi-formal and formal events. Boots should offer comfort, convenience and, above all, style. From vellies with jeans to Chelsea boots with trousers and blazers, there is a style for every occasion. Below is a guide for our stylish gents on how to wear their boots with jeans and chinos.


How To Wear Boots Casually

A casual outfit is best created with a boot such as a Chelsea, vellie (chukka) or work boot. Build your look from the bottom up and select a pair of well fitted chinos or jeans. Slim fit or tapered jeans work best for a more smart-casual look and with chunkier boots, choose more relaxed fit pants. Tuck your jeans into your boots if you’re out and about in wet or cold conditions, and cuff your jeans to balance your body proportions or to show off your boots. The best socks to wear with long jeans and boots are ones that hit the beginning of your calf muscle. For those aiming to blend in with the trend, try a cheeky patterned sock peeping through between the top of the boot and your cuffed jeans.

Brown or tan boots, like the Pierre Cardin lace-up boot, are best suited for a laidback look, but black can also be considered. Your boot colour does not need to match other parts of your clothing ‒ that ‘rule’ faded away in the 90s.

A typical laidback style uses a vellie or chukka boot, a pair of medium-blue jeans and a good quality t-shirt. You can step it up one level by adding a cotton or woollen flannel shirt, buttoned up or open. You can swap the loose-fit jeans for a slimmer fit option or use chinos.

Midnight blue or black jeans look great with a pullover, jacket and combat-style boots (in leather, not canvas) like the Jonathan D lace-ups.


How To Wear Boots Smart Casually

To head off in a smart casual direction, start with a vellie, Chelsea, brogue and desert boot, a.k.a. pershing or trench. To step up the outfit from casual to smart casual, it’s recommended that chocolate brown boots be chosen or even black. Again, there are no rules, so if you want to wear yellow and grey boots, go with your flow.

Lewis boots, from Grasshopper, do a great smart-casual look when an Oxford shirt and pullover are added to medium blue or dark blue jeans or chinos. If you want to hide some lockdown padding, then don’t choose baggy trousers; opt for slim-fit dark blue jeans, a slim-fit pullover and a jacket. A stylish pair of Cat boots will also look good with dark jeans, a v-neck top and a trendy bomber jacket.


How To Wear Boots Formally

Over a hundred years ago, wearing boots with suits was a standard outfit, having been out of fashion for generations, the good news it -it’s back in fashion. It’s become a well-used look of late for the fashion-savvy gents and who in fact demand a greater selection of more specialised boots that could also be worn with suits.

If you want to have a special but still formal dress suit outfit, select brown or black brogue boots to accompany your black, navy or petrol coloured suit.
Don’t forget to polish up those smart boots until they gleam for an uber-luxurious look.


The Final Word On Boots

One of the top trending fashion tips of 2022 is: It’s not about how it looks to others but how it makes you feel.

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