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Highlight on Loafers vs Moccasins

Highlight on Loafers vs Moccasins

Highlight on Loafers vs Moccasins


As slip-on shoes go, both loafers and moccasins have their place in your smart-casual wardrobe. Although they may look very similar at a glance, there are a few key differences between these two styles of shoe. The primary differences include detailing as well as origins. Whichever you prefer, both of these shoes are stylish, classic and extremely versatile to wear. Keep reading to find out more about loafers and moccasins and their place in your footwear collection.


Loafers or Moccasins – Which are Best?

Wondering how loafers and moccasins compare? Not sure how to wear them or which brand to choose? Here’s what you need to know about these shoe styles.


Key differences

As briefly mentioned above, the key differences between these styles include the detailing and the origins. At a glance, you can usually tell moccasins apart by their adornments. Tassels are commonly used in the design, and, on occasion non-tying laces may also be used. These shoes originate from the Native Americans and were originally made from deer hide. Loafers hail from Scandinavia. Their design is generally sleek, with a minimalist, simple design. Some feature a buckle detail in the centre of the top of the shoe. Both styles are comfortable with slight, low heels, leaving the wearer feeling very grounded and able to stay on their feet for hours.


How to style them

Both these shoes are made for comfort and with style in mind. They’re not classed as formal shoes, which means that they are not typically worn with formal clothing like suits. They can be used in less formal settings paired with formal pants or shorts, with a polo or shirt – but no tie please, this would be a total miss-match. Moccasins and loafers also work well with jeans, chinos, shorts, golfers, jerseys, shirts, and other smart-casual attire. As a general rule of thumb, whatever style you choose, always wear a matching colour belt to your shoes. How you mix and match your colours in the rest of your outfit is up to you. Your pants and shoe colour do not need to match. Brown loafers work well with black or navy pants, for example, or black moccasins can be worn with brown, tan or navy pants. These shoes should not be worn with socks unless they are invisible socks.


Which to choose

A great slip-on shoe is crafted by G.H Bass. This American-made brand has a long heritage going back to 1876. It is known for its combination of quality, comfort and durability. Each pair of shoes is made from premium materials, with expert detailing and cushioned soles for optimal comfort.

Jonathan D‘s focus is on strong, simple and powerful designs portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely their own. With enhanced styling, their collections are cohesive, confident, versatile and easily styled.

Muratti is all about classic Italian styling combining the right balance of quality, style and affordability.

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