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Get the John Craig Summer Look#10 – “The Sophisticated Gentleman”

Get the John Craig Summer Look#10 – “The Sophisticated Gentleman”

Get the John Craig Summer Look#10 – “The Sophisticated Gentleman”


Sophistication and class are priceless. As a man pursuing your ultimate best, these are two things you are unwilling to compromise on, and here at John Craig, we get it! While trends may come and go, class and sophistication are forever! For this reason, we’ve put together the latest JC Summer Look to keep you at the top of your game!


“A man unafraid to embrace originality and class is a man sophisticated in his own right.” – John Craig.



Well, then, sophisticated gentleman, shall we explore the latest JC Summer look?


‘The Sophisticated Gentleman’ Look#10

Dressing to match your personality is easy with the new JC look. You are, after all, what you wear, and helping you to embody a sophisticated gentleman with your clothing and footwear choices is our specialty. So, hold on, gentleman, it’s going to be a classy ride!


The Down-To-Earth Sophisticated Gentleman

The true mark of a sophisticated gentleman is humility. Show off your sophisticated humble side with the Polo Print Geo Shirt for Men in White. This Polo print geometry shirt is a fashion-forward statement, causing you to stand out in the crowd. It features a unique geometrical pattern and is made from a lightweight and breathable material, keeping you cool on a hot day. Get your Polo print Geometry Shirt in White today!



The Timelessly Sophisticated Chino Trousers

Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever! The Polo Alexander Chino for Men in Khaki lets you show off your best moments in style with its stylish design, cotton stretch straight-leg, and comfortable functionality. Ooze sophisticated confidence in this timelessly sophisticated chino!

JC Summer Look The Sophisticated Gentleman IG V


The Classy Dress Shoe

Are you feeling classy much? The classy Florsheim Richfield Tie Shoe for Men in Black epitomises elegance and class and screams sophisticated gentleman. This dress shoe is versatile with its contemporary, classic, and clean design. Get your Florsheim Richfield Tie Shoe in Black today!


And that, gentleman, is how you embrace originality, class, and sophistication!


Shop the latest JC look now with the help of our lay-bye facility. John Craig’s lay-bye payment period is over three months with a 10% deposit. Supply a copy of your ID and cell number when visiting your nearest store!


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