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Get the John Craig Summer Look #9 “Suits Me”

Get the John Craig Summer Look #9 “Suits Me”

Get the John Craig Look #9 “Suits Me”


Having successfully survived “Janu-worry”, we need to level up and assess how we can improve our dress sense. Formal wear can be intimidating, but you will not believe how much a suit and tie can enhance your appearance if you get it right. John Craig has a perfect look to take your class level from average to extraordinary!


“In this marathon, there are no ties when you’re suited.” – John Craig.




Here’s how you can evolve your style using the “Man at His Best” blueprint.


The Elegant President’s Club Formal Men’s Charcoal Suit

This unique blazer and slacks combination is a two-piece match made in heaven, with a distinct charcoal shade that is incapable of being replicated. The inner lining of the blazer consists of a gold and blue paisley-esque design that epitomizes the luxury associated with owning such a divine piece of art.

This elegant President’s Club Suit can be worn at the office, weddings, and other special occasions as you prepare to conquer all the areas of your 2023 vision board. A good ensemble is indeed the genesis of a complete outfit that turns heads wherever you walk.




The Luxurious President’s Club Plain White Formal Shirt for Men

At John Craig, we believe that sometimes, simplicity is vital. A little can definitely go a long way. A complex outfit always needs a simple touch.

This is where the role of this shirt is exemplified. This formal shirt combines style and comfort, allowing your skin to breathe while standing out. Match it with jeans and sneakers for a semi-formal look or a suit and tie for a more formal look.




The Muratti Grey Blue Print Tie For Men

A suit can only be considered formal when the tie matches the overall aesthetic you were trying to capture in your look, making this tie the perfect option for our ‘suits me’ look. The grey base of the Muratti tie complements the charcoal suit, whilst the blue detail gives your whole look an extra edge as it captures its own character.




Refrain from allowing a basic outfit to limit your chances of achieving all your goals and finding your inner self. Shop our John Craig Look #9 and unleash your inner confidence!


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