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Get The JC Winter Look#8 – Chinos – Spontaneously Sophisticated

JC Winter Look8 Chinos

Get The JC Winter Look #8 – Chinos – Spontaneously Sophisticated!


Who doesn’t love themselves a pair of comfortable but stylish chino pants? We’ll wait. Chino pants have been around since the 19th century and were initially manufactured for Philippine army members. Back then, the chino pants were made from Twill cotton, imported exclusively from China. Chino is the Spanish word for Chinese, essentially giving rise to what we refer to today as chino pants.


“Personal style is about taking risks, trying something unexpected and having fun with fashion, but always being true to yourself.” – Ralph Lauren.


Today, chino pants are worn in many ways, from sophisticated couture to laid-back and casual. Whatever your preferred style, be it sophisticated or spontaneous, you can’t go wrong with these three ways to style your chino pants!


Three Ways To Style Your Chino Pants

1. The Dapper Gentleman – Styling your chino pants for the boardroom is easy with this sophisticated look. The Polo Alexander Men’s Chino Pants in khaki paired with a blazer, dress shirt, and leather loafers perfectly combine sophistication and style. For an uber-stylish appearance, pair your outfit with a textured silk tie and accessorise with a bold wristwatch to complete your look.

2. The Smart Guy – Pulling off that smart casual/semi-formal look with a pair of your favourite chinos is the stuff spontaneous nights out are made of. Unplanned events can be anxiety-inducing when you can’t think of something to wear. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for those impromptu outings. The Polo Medium Check Men’s Shirt in navy paired with straight-leg khaki chino pants and the Polo Leather Chelsea Men’s Boot in brown make for a clean-cut look that screams sophisticated spontaneity.

3. Cool – For casual occasions, pair low-cut sneakers with well-fitted chino pants and a t-shirt. Depending on the weather, chino pants can be rolled up in summer for a more relaxed look and left to hang above your sneaker in winter for a warmer look and feel. White sneakers usually pair well with most chino pants, regardless of colour but must be paired with a t-shirt that complements the overall look and feel of the outfit.


Now that you’re all set on how to get the JC Winter Look #8 and what to pair your timeless chino pants with, we thought we’d give you some characteristics and subtle differences of these 19th-century classic pants.


While some still compare chino pants to dress pants and formal trousers, the truth is that these pants could not be more different. Here are five characteristics and subtle differences to note.


Five Characteristics Of Chino Pants

  • Chinos are more comfortable than dress pants and formal trousers.
  • The versatility of chino pants makes them a popular clothing item.
  • Chino pants are made from light fabric, making them more breathable.
  • The cut of chino pants is rather tapered, making them easier to style.
  • Chino pants are known for their soft colours, lending themselves beautifully to sophisticated aesthetics.


The Difference Between Formal and Casual Chinos

Formal chinos are tailored differently from their casual chino counterparts. In contrast, they are sleeker in design, with sharper details such as a professionally tailored cuff or a crease, making them dressier and more fit for a formal occasion. The casual chino features softer details in the design, with no creases or pleats, and they also tend to have a slimmer cut.


Styling your chino pants for your next night out on the town, boardroom meeting, or event has become so much easier with these three stylish ways to wear and pair yours.


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