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Get the JC Winter Look #5 – “Your Favourite Uncle”

Get the JC Winter Look #5 – “Your Favourite Uncle”

Get the JC Winter Look #5 – “Your Favourite Uncle”


Everyone has that favourite uncle — the one that makes you laugh, his zest for life has him frequenting new venues and travelling every chance he gets – even if it’s just on the net! uMalume, who gives the best presents and encourages your most ambitious ideas. He is happy to talk about everything and anything with you for hours. Through his travels, enquiring mind and ambitions, he is both an inspiration and a constant reassurance.


He’s the one with the best jokes, often the life of the party and the one who’s opinion is listened to. He commands the room with his sense of style and originality.


In celebration of uMalume, of vintage cars and fine whiskeys, we present to you, the JC Winter Look #5 – “Your Favourite Uncle”.


Muratti Boris Denim Sherpa Jacket

The Muratti brand is exclusively available at John Craig. The Muratti range personifies casual classic combined with sophisticated Italian styling. You can curate a quality wardrobe with Muratti garments that strike the perfect equilibrium between quality, style and affordability.

The soft Sherpa lining on the collar and body of the Muratti Boris denim jacket makes it ideal for cooler weather – keeping you warm without compromising style. This durable winter piece is an iconic addition to any collection; a comfortable travel piece that can be perfectly styled with a wide range of outfits.


Muratti Knitted Golfer – Burgundy

Fashion-wise, the colour burgundy is a friend to all. This very specific shade of red, is named for its resemblance to the wine, burgundy been complementing different complexions since medieval times.

The Muratti Knitted Golfer presents a classic fit that will compliment any man who wears it. This must-have wardrobe piece is ideal for the colder months, and with its timeless fit, will be a fashion staple for many seasons to come.  Enhance your casual style with the Muratti Knitted golfer. Dress it up or down, take it with you on your next golf trip or wear it on evenings spent sipping on fine whiskey while catching up with friends and family. The Muratti Knitted Golfer will become synonymous with your personal branded style.


Muratti Core Chino Pants

When styling bold fabrics like solid denim jackets or classic burgundy, a toned-down colour brings balance to the colour palate, and you can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of chinos. Timeless classics, the chino is a multitasking masterpiece that somehow complements everything in your outfit whilst making you look good. This piece brings calm practicality to a bold and ambitious outfit ‒ a sentiment that perfectly defines everybody’s favourite uncle.


Bass Weejun Layton Moc Kiltie Shoe

Taking inspiration from the original Easy Weejuns combined with modern innovation creates the ultimate balance of style and comfort. Featuring extra padding and exceptionally soft, unbelievably comfy rubber soles, this addition to your shoe collection delivers stylish functionality combined with the simplicity of use.

This moccasin styled shoe by G.H. Bass & Co is manufactured in keeping of the brand’s core values of sophisticated aesthetic footwear. This soft leather develops a wonderful character with time and use, becoming a reflection of the wearer’s unique story. The revolutionary spring action technology built right into the shoe’s tubular comfort insole makes this shoe the perfect travel companion for a man on the go.


Get The Look

Before you embark on your next big adventure, make sure you stop by your nearest John Craig store to equip yourself with the JC Winter Look #5. This comfortable, practical, sophisticated and stylish look comes together as a celebration of uMalume, everybody’s favourite uncle.