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Get the JC Winter Look #4 – “The Nkunzi”

Get the JC Winter Look #4 – “The Nkunzi”

Introducing The John Craig Look #4 – “The Nkunzi”


“Nkunzi”, a Zulu word meaning “The Bull”, is the inspiration for our John Craig Look #4 – the “Nkunzi.” The bull has been an important symbol for many ancient cultures with its commanding presence and masculinity. The bull symbol represents solar energies, determination, power and, of course, virility. The bull, as both a solar and lunar sign, has leant its name to one of the oldest constellations, Taurus – often recognised as a season of prosperity.  To Native American cultures, the bull signifies resourcefulness and is regarded as an omen of stability, safety and durability.


Here in Mzansi, the name Nkunzi is synonymous with Masoja Msiza’s brilliant portrayal of Nkunzebomvu “Nkunzi” Mhlongo. Msiza debuted in the third season of SABC 1, Soap Opera Uzalo, playing a leading role. It didn’t take him much time to win the viewers’ hearts with his outstanding performances – even though the character sometimes leaves the audience with mixed feelings.


No matter what the portrayal, Nkunzi embodies power, strength, success and determination. The Collection from John Craig brings these virtues to the fore, take a look at this carefully curated outfit for the man who will let nothing stand in the way of him or his success. This look is all about having a presence that is no-nonsense, in control and a leader.


Join The Presidents Club

Designed by Jordan Adefay, the President’s Club is an exclusive brand offering an extensive collection centered around on-trend patterns and fits for the fashion-forward gentleman. The brand’s luxury feel is enhanced through high-quality fabrics, guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd.


President Club Fancy Cable Men’s Jersey Black

The President Club fancy cable jersey is perfect for this winter season, designed with unique and stand-out patterning in neutral colours. This timeless garment is a must-have for the man who makes his style his statement.


President’s Club 2 Pleat Men’s Trouser Taupe

The President’s Club premier features branded quality and style to match the man who wears it. Join the President’s Club with this exclusive men’s formal clothing collection ‒ classic, stylish & affordable. With President’s Club’s high-quality, on-trend formal trousers, you can dress your best, whether in the office or attending an event. This two pleat fit is comfortable and designed with sophistication in mind.


Muratti Saddler Leather Loafer Men’s Shoe Black

The Muratti Saddler leather loafer balances the smart-casual aesthetic and completes the look, offering an easy to wear, sophisticated option. This loafer style brings ease, comfort and fashion to the table.


Get The Look

The “Nkunzi” look is for the man who knows what he wants and how to get it. This man balances ageless elegance and sophistication with the fast-paced determination needed for success. Channel your inner Nkunzi with this carefully curated and classic look. Browse our range online and visit us in store for the exclusive John Craig shopping experience.