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Get the JC Summer Look #6 – The Retro Man

Get the JC Summer Look #6 – The Retro Man

Get the JC Summer Look #6 – The Retro Man

The Retro Man fuses old-skool style with a new generation twist. This is a man who honours his roots while adding his own style. He brings the element of timeless style into the new era, through retro-inspired looks that are fresh and original. He knows that style is something that evolves through generations. The Retro Man has an appreciation for classic pieces but wears them with a contemporary twist, making his look unique.


JC Summer Look #6, The Retro Man – breaking it down

For a modern take on traditional classics, here are the JC pieces you need to complete The Retro Man look.


The golfer

A wardrobe staple then and now, golfers add polish to any casual outfit. They also strike the perfect balance between smart and casual, making them suitable for meetings and informal networking events, social engagements, braais, and get-togethers. The Luciano Biaggi Multi Stripe Men’s Golfer in Navy brings in bold retro colours set on a classic navy shirt. Premium fabrics and a perfect fit make this golfer a style winner.


The trousers

Every man needs a few tailored trousers in his wardrobe. For old-fashioned style, pleats are the way to go. The President’s Club 2 Pleat Men’s Trousers in Taupe have a streamlined, flattering fit. These formal trousers can be dressed up or down, making them ideal for the office or formal events. Worn with a statement golfer, the look is polished yet low-key.


The shoes

The original Omega Duna Closed Back Leather Men’s Sandal in Bone has been a staple for well-to-do uncles and style-conscious men. Once known as ‘the taxi man shoe’, today it is experiencing a revival, with many Afro-pop stars choosing these shoes. The shoe is made from soft buffalo leather, with intricate weaving that gives them a unique look. Paired with chinos and a statement golfer, these shoes will always stand out.

Find your nearest JC store and shop all the pieces you need for The Retro Man, for a new twist on old favourites.


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