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Get The JC Summer Look #1 – “Laid Back Champagne Bar”

Get The JC Summer Look #1 – “Laid Back Champagne Bar”

Get The JC Summer Look #1 – “Laid Back Champagne Bar”

As the days get warmer and December gets closer, it’s no wonder that more and more people want to be out and about with friends and family, proving that the time to be social and have fun has officially arrived! Dressing up to have fun with friends and family does not have to be a formal affair, and you can look just as good casually dressed down as you would be dressed up!

“Live with no excuses. Dress with no regrets!” – John Craig.

Meeting up with friends for an afternoon or evening of good food and great company is easy with the Roberto Vino range available at John Craig. Join us as we explore The JC Summer “Laid Back Champagne” look, making waves on the rooftop of the Ivy Champagne Garden in Bedfordview! Before we show you how to get the look, allow us to introduce you to the Roberto Vino brand, now available at John Craig.

Roberto Vino – The Brand That Conquered The World

Known as the Italian brand that conquered the world, Roberto Vino is now available at John Craig! The Roberto Vino brand is best described as a rough street fashion for men who refuse to compromise on quality. The Roberto Vino brand accentuates a high level of deliberately selected fabrics, emphasizing detail and precise measurements, making the wearer feel as though each garment is sewn precisely for him.

The Whole Roberto Vino Look

Are you a man with a plan? Are you big on working hard, looking smart, and chilling out? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the branded look for you! Here’s how to throw together The all-new JC Summer “Laid Back Champagne Bar” Look!

Get The JC Summer Look

We bet you cannot wait to step into something a little more sophisticatedly street-smart. No worries, John Craig has got you more than covered!

The Roberto Vino Tee

The Roberto Vino Square T-shirt for men in stone is made of fine lycra cotton for superior stretchability and wrinkle resistance, with a square Roberto Vino Milano logo printed on the chest and is perfect for a laid-back Friday chill session.

The Roberto Vino Shorts

The Roberto Vino Badge Shorts for men in black is a preppy classic. A multitasking marvel that somehow goes with everything in your wardrobe, they are perfect for those summer days when paired with a Roberto Vino T-shirt.

The Roberto Vino Sneaker

The Roberto Vino Back Strap Lace Up Sneaker for men in black is not only high in quality but complements the shorts and tee aesthetic perfectly. This sneaker is sophisticatedly casual and can be paired with anything from jeans to track pants to shorts!

Get yourself champagne bar ready with this JC Summer look! Follow John Craig on our social media pages for more looks that cater to your style and fashion sense!