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Get the JC Look

It’s common knowledge that most people judge a book by its cover. When you are wanting to make an impression, get that job or carry off a look that makes you stand out, it helps to have a little guidance. We hear you and will be sharing some ideas in how to crack that nut – right on the head!

This blog post is for those aiming for the casual look. One that is understated but achieves its goal – getting you noticed in your effortless look- welcome to your ultimate style guide to looking great, and a man about town. We’ll help you to coordinate your look to ensure you’re wearing the right clothes for the right occasion.

Look #1 – “The Casual Man”

The Casual Man is a relaxed look that seems effortless with just the right amount of elegance. It’s laid back and for everyday use. So whether it is doing your weekend errands, shopping or relaxing with the boys at your favourite hangout.

The casual dress code is perhaps your best chance to express your personal style as it’s an invitation to show your sense of style whilst wearing what you feel the most comfortable in. You don’t want to fade into the background but you do want to be noticed for your taste and style. You are in your second skin and are wearing what you love.


Whether you prefer something sleek, rugged, formal or down-to-earth, it is about you finding that perfect balance between comfort, style, individuality that is functional for the occasion.

The casual look is influenced by trends, and lifestyle environment but there are time-less pieces that never go out of fashion and every man should have. This would be a set of basic essentials that form the basis of your wardrobe. Items like a classic white tee or golfer, well-fitted jeans and neutral sneakers.


And this is where this look comes in.

First let’s start with the humble polo shirt. We have chosen the Levi’s Housemark polo in White. It’s easy to wear, subtly stylish and as versatile as it gets. It can literally be worn with anything, even a suit. You want the shirt to hug your body to keep you looking sleek but not that tight that it looks like a second skin. Essentially, well-fitted but not too tight is the most flattering.

Next are the jeans, for a more-laid back, off-duty daytime look, go for styles in a lighter shade. You can’t go wrong with a pair of 501’s in Stonewash. Levi’s jeans are a failsafe and should be a fixture in your wardrobe, no matter what cut or colour you prefer. It is a brand that never goes out of style and worth investing in a few pairs.


Layer your outfit up with a Muratti Peter Quilted jacket, it’s fashionable, and adds plenty of individuality to your relaxed look. Wear a size that is well-fitted but loose enough to add another layer like a lightweight jersey for those more chilly evenings.

We know it’s important to put your best foot forward when dressing for casual, and yes, we mean wearing sneakers to finish your look off. We like white Superga Club S Sneakers, they have a luxury yet active look that ties in perfectly to your casual-lux combo look. They are sleek, clean, super comfortable and practical.

Whether you choose to keep it simple or are feeling experimental, discover what works best for you. When it comes to casual, you can wear what you want, mix and match, create your unique look avoid the “ just got out of bed’ look, no-one will take you seriously and you are missing an opportunity to make an impression, after all, you’re not lounging on the couch now are you?.

Casual can be interpreted in different ways, dependant on the environment or occasion but when in doubt, stick with the ‘The Casual Man’ look, it’s that happy sweet spot between overdressed and underdressed, it’s your sunny side up.


Here’s your featured look product list, available at all John Craig stores countrywide:

Now, go be the Man At His Best!

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