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Get the JC Look Series – Look #7 “The Defined Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #7 “The Defined Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #7 “The Defined Man”


The Defined Man JC look is for the man who’s clear on who he is and what he wants from life. He’s a proud man who knows the value of first impressions and looking the part – no matter what the occasion. Featuring classic pieces flirting a contemporary touch, this look is all about quality accented with laid-back sophistication. The Defined Man’s first goal is to be stylish and a win when comfortable. So whether you’re out and about town on weekends, out for after-work drinks or simply enjoying downtime over the weekend, this look will do the trick. Take a versatile jersey, add a pair of tailored pants and a pair of well-crafted shoes, the Defined Man look is off-duty style. 


JC Look #7, The Defined Man – breaking it down


Shop the Defined Man look at JC with these signature pieces.


The jersey

Brentwood jerseys are what peanut butter is to bread! No man’s wardrobe is complete without a few to choose from. Over the last 50 years, Brentwood has established itself as a clothing brand associated with dignity and prestige. Brentwood jerseys are lightweight and ideal seasonal transitions. Available in a variety of traditional and modern styles, these jerseys are perfect for layering. They work equally well with tailored trousers as they do with jeans. We recommend the Brentwood McLaren C-neck jersey in navy. This jersey has a versatile look that is classic, and ideal to pair with multiple pieces in your wardrobe.


The trousers

Made of 100% Venetian wool, Brentwood trousers are the classic trouser that can be dressed up or down. Choosing a neutral colour is key, the Brentwood trouser in black is an ideal choice for work or evening affairs. This single pleat trouser has an open hem that allows for easy length adjustment. Semi-formal, elegant, well-crafted and fitted perfectly, make for a well groomed finish. Pair the trousers with a jersey, collard shirt, jacket or everything else in your wardrobe. Don’t forget to add that touch of finesse by wearing a well-crafted Brentwood ribbon belt in black that perfectly complements your Brentwood trousers.


The shoes

Complete this polished, relaxed look with a pair of Florsheim shoes. For over 125 years, Florsheim has crafted timeless shoes that go far beyond trends. These shoes will look just as good a decade from now. The classic styling ensures that you always look good, whether you’re wearing them with jeans or with a pair of tailored Brentwood trousers. The Defined Man look would be complete with a pair of Florsheim Richfield tie shoe in black. Because of their classic design, these shoes will never date, they add instant sophistication to your look. 


If the Defined Man is your look, John Craig has all the pieces you need to complete it. Find your nearest branch to shop in-store now.

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