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Get the JC Look Series – Look #6 “The Traditional Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #6 “The Traditional Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #6 “The Traditional Man”


The Traditional Man is a respected, wholesome man. He takes pride in his values and more especially, in the impression he makes on others. Although The Traditional Man can be old school, he honours tradition and respect is high on his agenda. The Traditional Man sets a precedent for those who follow and aspire. He is a man who takes life seriously and impressions are important. He believes that how you dress, sets the precedent for how you are treated. That is why he always chooses high-quality pieces that are made to last. It’s not the size of the wardrobe but the quantity of timeless pieces that are in it.

The Traditional Man JC look is finished, it shows his style, it’s neither flashy nor over the top. This look makes a statement, one of knowing. It’s understated classic that sets the wearer apart. The Traditional Man isn’t concerned about playing into trends, rather achieving a timeless look. He knows that real style is based on styles that have long-lasting appeal. Well-designed lines depicting sophisticated elegance, never date. Quality fabrics, fabrication, expert stitching and great fits are what The Traditional Man looks for when shopping. So whether he’s shopping for an outfit for work, an event or a formal affair, this classic look is both suave and surprisingly comfortable.


JC Look #6, The Traditional Man – breaking it down

Here are some pieces you can select to make up your JC Traditional Man look.

The trousers

A well fitted pair of trousers makes all the difference to achieving The Traditional Man look. Brentwood is known for its 100% pure Venetian woollen trousers. These quality trousers are just as established as the men who wear them. The single pleat trouser features an open hem that can be adjusted to suit your length preference. Try the Brentwood trousers in navy for a versatile colour that pairs well with most colours. If navy is not your colour, try the olive to khaki, black, grey, chocolate, and blue.

The jersey

If you’re looking for a premium jersey, you can’t go wrong with Muratti. Exclusive to John Craig, this brand is made for men with true style. The range includes wardrobe pieces made to last, with a selection of casual and formal items. For The Traditional Man, we suggest something that is bold enough to stand out in all the right ways. The Muratti chevron crew jersey in navy pairs perfectly with the Brentwood trousers, creating a polished look. It pairs well with boots and formal shoes, and works in any social setting.

The shoes

For shoes, we suggest Crockett & Jones – they are the gold standard in classic footwear. These men’s formal Goodyear-welted, cement-lasted, leather-soled classic shoes will last for years to come. Part of the Barker Footwear group, they have a manufacturing history dating back to 1933. For this look, we suggest the Kango ostrich leather shoe in brown. The warm tones of brown leather will offset the navy and mustard tones of the trousers and jersey. Styled as an easy to wear slip-on for maximum comfort, and fine craftsmanship giving you the perfect fit. Wear them with a pair of premium Falke socks in beige, black or grey in super soft cotton for all day freshness.

The hat

No classic look is complete without a hat and The Traditional Man look, wants a hat.  We think Dobbs hats bring the classic New York style to South Africa. Made locally, these hats are a style staple. The Dobbs brand originated in the USA in the 1920s. Since the 1960s, it has been locally manufactured by Supreme Hat and Cap Manufacturers. Using high-quality materials, this brand is synonymous with craftsmanship and debonair style. For this look, try a Dobbs Alfredo hat in black.

You will find all the essentials needed to dress this look at John Craig. Find your nearest branch to start shopping The Traditional Man look from John Craig.