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Get the JC Look Series – Look #5 “The Explorer Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #5 “The Explorer Man”

Get the JC Look #5 – “The Explorer Man”

The Explorer Man is the go-to look for the active man – always on the go, and why not? If your life doesn’t stand still and you have places to go and things to do, then the Explorer Man look is for you. The look is a suitable mix that can be worn in the city and equally well in the outdoors. Ideal for weekends and downtime, it fuses comfort with style, exactly what you’d expect John Craig to deliver.

Urban living is not “couch potato living”, it’s activities and getting out of the house. This daytime look #5 defines laid-back style and we call it the Explorer Man. You might be heading out for the day in nature hiking, camping or simply soaking up some fresh air. Or as a city lover you might be exploring the local jaunts, shopping or doing some business around town. This look is versatile, easy to wear and a kind of understated statement. It’s about a functional utility that doesn’t compromise on style.

JC Look #5, the Explorer Man – breaking it down

You can achieve the JC Explorer Man look with the below suggested urban lifestyle essentials.

Classic checks

Muratti shirts deliver time and again. They are quality made and style that says it all. Working from the top to complete your look – go for a check shirt that echoes classic outdoor style. The multi-check shirt in brown is neutral enough to go with everything, but styled enough to be noticed. With warm shades of brown and autumn colours, it sets the seasonal tone. The multi-check shirt in navy features cool shades of blue and white, freshening up for a sharper look. The lumber check in navy features navy and orange for a more traditional check shirt, these colours are warm and friendly. Watch your skin tone, you don’t want to fade in the moment.

Comfortable denim

Wearing comfortable denim helps your movements and allows you to do what you need to do. You want functional and denim is an essential element to complete this look. Muratti jeans are a go-to for denim with the perfect fit – not too tight and not too baggy. These tapered jeans are designed for comfort. The fit is loose and forgiving at the waist, tapering down to a more fitted leg around the calf. This fit works well for all-day wear. We suggest you try the Dino tapered jeans and the Martin tapered jeans, both in classic indigo. Of course a man’s movement starts with his underwear, the Jockey 2-Pack woven boxer classic shorts in check will allow just that.

Versatile boots

No outdoor look is complete without a pair of boots. These need to withstand every terrain, from city streets and malls to mountain trails. Cat boots are legendary and are known for their quality design and tough manufacturing materials. These three aspects presents footwear that looks good, and makes them durable and comfortable at the same time. The Cat Transform 2.0 boots in beige take the traditional Cat boot to the next level by having full-grain leather uppers, sturdy soles and breathable, comfortable linings. To be on the move, your feet need to be well kitted and ready to step up to the objective of movement at all times.

John Craig has everything you need to complete the Explorer Man look. Check out our series on the looks we have to offer, they are all there to keep you on top of your fashion game. To get your look find your nearest branch to shop in-store here.

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