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Get the JC Look Series – Look #4 – “The Lockdown Dapper Man”

Get the JC Look Series – Look #4 – “The Lockdown Dapper Man”

Get the JC Look #4 – the “Lockdown Dapper Man”

With upside-down being the new right-side-up in our world right now, the socialite that was in us is becoming an all too faded memory. The end result is that we have adapted to isolation and doing more activities at home – or are we? With socialising and the opportunities to dress up a thing of the past, the new norm when staying at home is to wear comfy clothing. Right now, our social life revolves around Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and WhatsApp video – it’s the only place you’ll be seen! And being seen means if you are in your comfortable lockdown attire, you still need to look good. And who says that you can’t be the life of the party, (or the call) even if it is a party for one.

Psychologists warn us about the adverse effect it has on us by not having a purpose or daily routine. We often see this when people retire and depression often sets in. Little or nothing is accomplished, even if there was a long list of to-do’s to begin with. Force yourself to create and stick to a daily routine Do this just as you would if you were going to work. Get up by 7am, shower, have your breakfast, brush your teeth and get dressed! Yes, get dressed for your day of to-do’s! By getting up whenever, staying in your jammies or old, torn, faded clothes each day, it has a negative effect on your mojo. To be on top of your game, be the man that gets up every morning, ensures he is well-groomed and looks his best no matter what. Let’s face it, you feel good when you look good – so get that routine going.


To get that casual but I’m on top of my game look going, John Craig has you covered with the JC Look #4 – the “Lockdown Dapper Man”.

The look is the perfect compromise between comfort with confidence. The “Lockdown Dapper Man” is about elevating your at home look whilst being cosy. It’s the outfit that’s pleasant without being peasant. The Sergio Tacchini tracksuit is the perfect answer to meet this objective. A tracksuit is that one piece that’s just as functional within the home, as it is outside of it. Treat yourself to an upgrade and get with the times. Get rid of that old tracksuit – you know, the one where you have to fade the background in your calls, and sit nice and close to the screen ???? The Sergio tracksuit is something you want to show off, upgrade your slouch outfit to something more premium, and choose the brand that makes some of the best men’s designer tracksuits in the world. Nothing beats that luxurious on-skin feel of the Sergio Tacchini tracksuit.

Being limited, should not limit you, so whether the only outings you make are to the grocery store, walking to your front door to collect your Uber eats or just Netflix’ing, aim for comfort with style. Let’s celebrate cosy and comfort with style for virtual meetings, looking your best. Sergio Tacchini will be your wardrobe hero now and in the future, it’s design and fabrication is that good.

So when you next step out the house in a safe and secure manner, to finish off your look, pop on the most easy-to-wear, versatile and all-time-favourite pair of sneakers, Converse All Stars. It is the perfect sneaker to compliment your “Lockdown Dapper Look”.


Get the JC Look – the “Lockdown Dapper Man” at your nearest John Craig store today.

Sergio Tacchini Hooded Sweat Jacket Mens Navy
Sergio Tacchini Pintuck Track Pants Mens Navy
Sergio Tacchini Stripe Mens Golfer Navy
Converse All Star Canvas Sneaker Mens Navy

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