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Do You Know Which Jeans are Best?

Do You Know Which Jeans are Best?

There is no doubt that the staple garment in every man’s wardrobe is jeans. They are the go-to for rainy days, active days and summer days. Just pull on a cool tee and you’re good to go for casual Fridays at the office, but to be real, they’re a fit for any and all occasions.

With denim being the flava and us wearing them as often as we do, you want to make sure you’re wearing them so that they complement your body and the look you’re going for. If we are dressing for comfort, the fit of the jeans needs to be flattering to your body type so to get the most out of your jeans, find the fit that shows your assets off best. Short, tall, narrow or broad, there’s a fit that will compliment your shape.

Breaking down some pros and cons of jean fits:

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are usually worn for comfort, they give the perception of being the most comfortable fit of all jeans but that’s not necessarily true. They can be bulky and hard to move in. Generally a square or broad cut. You can wear them extra low or high with a broad belt. Be careful though, baggy jeans can emphasize if your size, narrow or broad, they can also make you look untidy and uninspired.

Super Skinny Jeans

Super skinny jeans are usually professed as a style for the young, they give a youthful impression – showing all you have got. And if this is what you are going for, then great! Spoiler alert – Super skinny jeans will also highlight your skinny legs and draw focus to your muffin top. This is a style that is age-appropriate, so don’t look like you are trying too hard. Dependent on the crotch, there could also be a plumber in town 😉.

Washed and/or Ripped Jeans

Super light, grey-white, dyed, destressed and ripped jeans can be difficult to style. These are definitely more casualwear and better suited for men of a young generation. Yes, ripped jeans have an attitude – if that’s what you’re going for, but don’t expect to impress at an event other than clubbing. If you’re a metalhead or hard rocker, you’ve got it going on!

Too long

We cannot emphasize this enough, when you are investing in a decent pair of jeans, have them tailored. Jeans that are too long and cause ruffles around your ankles are for cowboys, if you aren’t a cowboy, then they just make you look short and sloppy. The ideal length is one slight crease around the ankle. You can get away with rolling, this would be for casual and normally a day event.

Saggy Butt

When it comes to low-rise or mid-rise jeans, make the decision based on how it fits around your seat area. It should not be too tight, but definitely not baggy, it should define not decline. Need we say more?

What JC Recommends:

Most men go for slim-cut jeans, it offers the best balance between fit and comfort. They can be worn with slim tees, golfers, formal shirts or even a sports jacket for more formal occasions. This cut is very complimentary to most body types. Generally one would wear a black or dark blue evenings. Dependent on the occasion, tuck in, belt up and just enjoy your jeans.

Straight or regular fit are options to have in your closet. The best is to style them with a loose-fitting top to balance out your look, this style also goes very well with denim tops or jackets. Check out our Levi’s 501 original fit here. Let’s admit it, there is a reason why Levi’s have been the global leaders in jeans year after year.