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Denim Trend and The Gentleman’s Approach

Denim Trend and The Gentleman’s Approach

Denim Trend and The Gentleman’s Approach

Denim is undoubtedly a classic. As history goes, even classics need a little update every now and then. Denim trends and high-end brands like Muratti, Polo, Pringle, Gant, Levi’s and Pierre Cardin are still moving with the times and, luckily for us, relevant!

We’ve seen slim-fit being challenged by retrospective bagginess, distressed denim became quite distressingly shredded to bits and is now being patched over, and waistlines, like the length we wear our denims, have risen and fallen much like the tides.

To help keep our astute John Craig customers on point, here are some insider tips on wearing or buying denims.


The Stack

Like waistlines, hemlines are ebbing and rising ‒ rolled up jeans, or cut above your ankle, are not going anywhere. This style has been so popular that it’s hard to remember another length, and that length from the dim past will be showing its face again in 2022 as shoe tops.

The longer leg, with the commensurate stack around the ankle and shoe top, will make their appearance at all stylish events this season. In fact, the look is strongly retrospective to the 90s and naughties is in full swing.


How To Style The Denims

Whether it’s denims or chinos, step one would be to uncuff the trousers that you want to stack. If your pants were cropped, then it’s time to buy a longer pair.

Take stock of how your jeans are fitting you. The “stack” is a good look for loose or regular-fit pants, like the Pierre Cardin regular fit Frank jean, and even a tailored or close fit like the Muratti Blade tapered fit jean. It won’t work well for very slim-fit styles.

If you want an edgy outfit, then choose a slim-fit shirt. However, a more elegant look would be a slightly loose-fitting or baggy, oversized cut shirt.


The Colour

Dark blue jeans are great for more formal or evening events but hey, there are no rules. We like the combinations of blue and black, like Levi’s 501 jeans. Most shades of blue will tick the style box, and browns, greys or blacks won’t disappear, but they won’t be the forerunners this season.

A medium tone of blue denim might start challenging the dark blue at the top of the list, and the paler stonewash finishes are expected to decrease in popularity.

The dark, midnight blue is a wonderful classic to have in your wardrobe as it dresses up to a very smart and elegant outfit with a lovely blazer, open neck and jaunty hat. From a business deal to a polo game or a sundowner at a 6-star rooftop venue, you can sail through the day with absolute confidence, carried on your dark blue stack.


For more denim trend options from Muratti, Polo, Pringle, Gant, Levi’s and Pierre Cardin, click here to view the catalogue and if you see anything you like, visit one of our stores.

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