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Be Perpetually Fashionable and Forever Stylish With John Craig’s Tommy Hilfiger Range!

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Be Perpetually Fashionable and Forever Stylish With John Craig’s Tommy Hilfiger Range!

Go from casual and cool to smart and sophisticated in no time with John Craig’s Tommy Hilfiger range!


TMHBW Tommy Hilfiger Chicago Men’s Windbreaker IG V


In the ever-evolving fashion landscape, Tommy Hilfiger stands out as a testament to its timeless appeal and iconic style. At John Craig, we’re proud to present a curated selection from none other than the famous American brand – Tommy Hilfiger.


Join us as we compile three gentlemanly fits that combine contemporary elegance and everlasting sophistication.


Stylised Fits: Elevate Your Casual Chic

The Tommy Hilfiger Simon Sky Men’s Denim Wash pairs effortlessly with the Tommy Hilfiger Monotype Chest Stripe Tee Men’s in pristine White. This incredible duo celebrates casual coolness on a whole new level, perfectly balancing comfort with style. At the same time, the Tommy Hilfiger Flexi Runner Essential Men’s in White completes your casually relaxed fit.


The Tommy Hilfiger Denton Men’s Chino CTN in Satin Beige epitomises laid-back luxury for the gentleman who prefers a more polished yet relaxed look. For a touch of sophisticated refinement, pair your chino with the Tommy Hilfiger Classic Oxford Men’s Shirt in White. The Tommy Hilfiger Hi Vulc Core Low Stripe Men’s in White flawlessly finishes off your look, ensuring a smooth transition from a day out with the guys to a night out with the gents!


The Tommy Hilfiger Brkln Men’s Twill Belt Short in Beige is a must-have for the carefree and casual gent. Stylishly paired with the Tommy Hilfiger Tipped Slim Polo Men’s Golfer in White and the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Pool Slide Ess in Black for a laid-back yet luxurious finishing touch.


Accessories: Signature Accents


Add an exclamation mark to your fashion statement of an outfit with accessories from our Tommy Hilfiger range. Elevate your casual look with the Tommy Hilfiger Tjm Flag Buck Men’s Beige. This versatile accessory effortlessly enhances most casual looks, while the Tommy Hilfiger Essential Flag Cap Men’s Beige shields you from the sun, adding a touch of urban flair to your fit.


Keep it moving this holiday season with the Tommy Hilfiger Central Mini Crossover Men’s Black. This compact yet stylish crossover bag combines functionality and style, perfect for the modern man who appreciates the finer details of fashion.


TMHW Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Jeans Basket Canvas IG

In the iconic words of Tommy Hilfiger, “Style is how you put yourself together”, so head down to a John Craig store near you and put together your Tommy Hilfiger fit straight from our exquisite Tommy Hilfiger range so you can be perpetually fashionable and forever stylish.