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A Loafer A Day Keeps The Styling At Play!

A Loafer A Day Keeps The Styling At Play!

A Loafer A Day Keeps The Styling At Play!


London shoemaker Wildsmith created the first modern loafer in response to King George VI’s requests for a comfortable shoe he could ‘loaf’ around in. A couple of years later, Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger, a Norwegian shoemaker, developed a farm-styled shoe called the ‘Aurland moccasin’. This farm-styled shoe later inspired the first penny loafer design by American footwear brand, G.H. Bass & Co, naming their latest creation, the ‘Weejun’, as a good-natured tribute to its Norwegian inception.


A few decades later, loafers have earned their place in many men’s wardrobes. Today, there are a wide variety of loafer styles in different colours and brands, making the loafer a popular wardrobe choice!


“The ‘L’ in loafers stands for ‘luxurious’ because your feet will never know such comfort.” – John Craig.


Loafers are not only easy to style but can be worn with several garments, setting the tone for either a night out, a boardroom meeting, or a casual day spent with family and friends.


Here’s our version of what a loafer stands for and how you can style them to best suit your aesthetic.


What The Loafer Shoe Means To John Craig

  • L – Luxurious
  • O – Oozing
  • A – Alluring
  • F – Fashionable
  • E – Effect
  • R – Recognition


Here at John Craig, we see what you may not see in a loafer. Loafers are luxurious, oozing sophistication with a touch of alluring style for a fashionable effect that gains nothing but good recognition!


How To Style Your Loafers!

Styling your favourite pair of loafers has just become easier with our loafer styling tips.


The Buckled Loafer

The Jonathan D Buckle Leather Loafer in navy embody classy and casual for a uniquely sophisticated look that screams gentlemanly confidence. Pair your navy leather loafers with blue jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. You can also throw on a formal jacket to take the look from casual to semi-formal in no time!


The Murrati Saddler Leather Loafer

The Murrati Saddler Leather Loafer for men in black is a stylish addition to your shoe closet and goes well with slim-fit chino pants and a golfer tee or long-sleeved formal shirt. This loafer is excellent as a casual and formal shoe and can be worn to match almost any aesthetic.


The Sebago Classic Tussled Loafer

The Sebago Classic Twill Tussel loafer for men in black is a modern spin on a perfectly old-school shoe that has stood the test of time and come out on the other side as a sophisticated winner! Pair these loafers with slim-fit formal pants, a shirt and a formal jacket or dress it down with a pair of jeans and a golf tee. Either way, your look, sophisticated or casual, will be a hit in the street and the boardroom!


Browse all the latest footwear online at John Craig and visit a store near you for some of the best in branded loafers. Until next time, gentleman, continue to be the man at his best!